About the series

Read about all the itsy bitsy kitties who accidentally disobey their moms and tumble head first over the Rainbow Bridge into the most frightening adventure of their itsy bitsy kitty lives.

The Rainbow Bridge divides the lands between two very different worlds. The colorful and happy world where everything is magical is the best world of all! There is never a bad day. Everyone is friends with everyone else! When they accidentally cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the Other World, the animals try to eat them! There is no happiness. There is great danger there. The Other World is filled with scary creatures and awful night-time sounds.

But each kitty finds that one true friend that gives them hope. Then the magic happens!

Will the kitties ever find their way home to their families? Or will they remain captive in this evil Other World? Read all seven Rainbow Kitty Adventures to find out!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Zoe-Zoe was an itsy bitsy kitty who accidentally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge into the scary Other World.  Plop! She landed in a dark and smelly dumpster filled with garbage.  And, a family of angry mice threatened to eat her! She was scared and lonely …until she met Maeven, a seven year old, who played Peter Pan in the school play. Maeven wished she could fly, just like the real Peter Pan.  Will Zoe-Zoe use the magic in her tail to grant Maeven’s wish? …Will Zoe-Zoe ever see her family ever again? 

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Chapter One

Plop!  Right into the middle of a dumpster full of garbage she tumbled. And Zoe-Zoe, the itsy bitsy kitty, didn’t have the tiniest clue how she got into this dark and unfriendly world.  In Her World everything smelled like fresh cut grass and sweet clover.  But not in the Other World.  Here everything was mixed together.  Zoe-Zoe looked up and saw the gray, colorless sky.  She didn’t like what she saw in this Other World. This was a dark and scary world.
 Then it happened.  She saw the empty ketchup bottle move up and down.  The empty milk cartons began to fly across the dumpster. One almost hit her in the head!   Meow! Zoe-Zoe couldn’t believe what she saw next. 

A family of city mice paraded across her long, bright pink tail.  First came the father.  He was plump and twice as big as the mother.  Mother was next, followed by five little babies.  They all held each other’s long skinny tails so they would not get lost or fall to the bottom of the dumpster and bury themselves under a ton of garbage. 
  Mother kept a keen eye on her five babies, while father foraged deep into the blue dumpster for the best stuff to eat.  There were unopened bottles of milk, juicy red, round apples, and all kinds of half eaten hamburgers and hot dogs.  There was even pizza. 
Zoe-Zoe watched in amazement as the family picked their favorite food and began to gnaw on it. Yuck! Meow! groaned Zoe-Zoe.  As hungry as she was, the thought of eating rotted food made Zoe Zoe’s stomach churn.  She would never eat here.  She sat perfectly still in the middle of a paper plate of half-eaten spaghetti. 

Suddenly, the father mouse stood up on his hind legs. He stretched his body as tall as he possibly could, with his tiny paws high above his ears. Then he squeaked at Zoe-Zoe in a high-pitched threatening voice that made Zoe-Zoe cry!

“Are you a mouse like us?” asked the father mouse. 

“M-E-O-W!!! Let me out.  I am in the wrong world.  I belong in a land across the rainbow bridge.  Meow! Don’t hurt me!”  In Her World, everyone was polite and helpful.  It certainly was impolite to frighten her.  Zoe wiggled herself into an itsy bitsy ball and wrapped her long, thin, bright pink tail completely around her body for protection.

And then she did something she knew was impolite in Her World.  She did it instinctively.  She couldn’t help herself.  She HISSED!!  …and she HISSED…and she HISSED.  But even her hissing came out itsy bitsy, since she was only eight weeks old. 

“What was that?” asked the mother mouse. “It sounded something like a kitty. 
 Maybe I am mistaken.  Aren’t we supposed to be afraid of cats?”  Mother mouse  was confused.

“Mom, she has a long thin tail like us. But it’s pink.”  And then all the baby mice laughed at Zoe-Zoe’s beautiful pink tail. That made Zoe-Zoe very sad.  In Her World, everyone was allowed to be whomever they wanted to be. 

“Are you a mouse?” Mother mouse was straight-forward about it. She needed to know if her family would be eaten by this itsy bitsy kitty.

Meow! No, my name is Zoe-Zoe, and I want to go home.”  She was tired and hungry and scared.

“Get out now!” shouted father mouse.  “This is our food.  We won’t share it.”  When it came to feeding his family, Father mouse was protective.  And then, without warning, the mice all made a circle around Zoe-Zoe and linked tails. 

Zoe-Zoe was trapped!  They picked her up by her long pink tail.  And in one horrible throw, Zoe-Zoe was flung over the top of the dumpster and landed on a rotting banana peel. She slid from the slippery banana peel onto the hard cement, and bumped her itsy bitsy kitty nose on the metal dumpster. 

! she cried.  But no one heard her.  She crawled behind the smelly trash dumpster, close to the wall, and fell asleep with her long pink tail wrapped around her for comfort. But there was no comfort in the Other World.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Stinky Pete stunk like a skunk when he was afraid! …And now with all the strange noises in this cruel Other World, his polka-dots began to hop up and down all over his body!  And he was beginning to give off his stinky odor!  There was even a green snake dangling right beside him, hissing and trying to attack him.
…then he met Edward.  Edward and his Dad were on a camping trip when they discovered their lake was covered in green slime and yucky brown foam!  And there were no fish in the lake! Maybe Stinky Pete could help.  There was magic in his tail! 
Edward always believed in Magic.  This fishing trip with his dad was going to  be magical. 

Stinky Pete was a "fraidy kitty".  And now with all the strange noises coming from every part of the forest, well, that only made him more afraid.  He was only eight weeks old, and now the world seemed scary.

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Chapter One

Stuck up a Tree

Stinky Pet was an itsy bitsy kitty.  He was hungry and dirty, but most of all scared. 
He had entered into the Other World. This was the world his dad had warned him about.  “Never, ever cross over the rainbow bridge!  There are wild animals there who will eat you,” his dad would always scold him.   But Stinky Pete hadn’t listened. So here he was, in the Other World, and nothing would ever be the same.   

He crossed over into a different world.  The forest was dark and spooky with lions and tigers and alligators. And he became scared.  A brown tiger with black stripes had chased him up a tree.

When he was afraid, Stinky Pete gave off a strong odor, just like a skunk.  He remembered what his mom had told him about controlling his fears and his dots.  Stinky Pete was a polka-dotted kitty. His little itsy bitsy body was covered with colorful dots of every size and shape.   When he became really scared, his polka dots would start jumping up and down on his body.  And he was really scared now.  If his polka dots jumped high enough, they would go crazy and start re-arranging themselves in different places all over his body.  He never knew what his face would look like after the dots re-arranged themselves.  It was always a surprise when he looked in the mirror.

And then it happened.  Stinky Pete couldn’t control it once it started. It started, slowly, at first!  Then faster and faster, and stronger and stronger the odor became.  Until it was the strongest odor anyone could imagine, even Stinky Pete.  He was horrified. He could not control his dots. The dots jumped higher and higher .   They looked like jumping beans.  Those colored dots bounced from place to place all over Stinky Pete’s body.  Stinky Pete was frightened. The tiger took one whiff of Stinky Pete and ran away as fast as he could run. 

Stinky Pete clung from the branch of the tree with his white and green paws, digging his claws into the tree for dear life.  He stayed up in the tree all night meowing and meowing.  He stopped now and then to call out for his mom and dad.  But Stinky Pete knew that he was alone. He remembered what his mom had told Stinky Pete. “Breathe in and out. Take slow, deep breathes when you are feeling scared. Then you will relax you, and your dots will calm down. And the odor will go away.”

So Stinky Pete breathed in and out…in and out… in and out… trying his itsy bitsy best to stay calm and brave as he clung to the tree branch. 

 He was little, and he had never heard such animal noises in his whole life. His
stomach started to rumble which added to the night sounds.  He was cold and getting tired of hanging on to the tree branch.  He was scared he might fall.  And it was a long way down.  Why hadn’t he listened to his mom?
 M-E-O-W, screamed Stinky Pete in his loudest voice. But nothing came out.  Stinky Pete was afraid that he would never see His World again. And it was all his fault!  He should have listened to mom. “What will happen to me?” he wondered as he clung to the tree for dear life.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Lily’s Mom had promised her a kitty for her seventh birthday.  But there wasn’t enough money for a kitty or a party with her friends.  She would have another birthday next year.  She knew someday she would find her very own fur-ever friend.    
Pumpkin-Puss was an itsy bitsy kitty, and he was frightened.  His entire body was stuck in a large green bottle with only his head sticking out. Cars whizzed by him. He didn’t dare move! Would he ever see his Mom and Dad again?

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                                                  Chapter One

                                              Stuck in a Bottle

 Pumpkin-Puss hadn’t eaten in so long he couldn’t remember how to eat.  He was stuck in a large green bottle with only his head sticking out.  His orange fur stuck to the insides of the bottle and his fluffy tail was flattened, squished tightly beneath him.  The harder he tried to move his body, the more pressure he felt.  He was unable to move even one paw.  So he stayed perfectly still. Pumpkin-Puss was patient.  He knew he shouldn’t move even one muscle for fear some animal would eat him up.

 Cars came whizzing by!  Main Street was one of the busiest streets in all the town.  Pumpkin-Puss had never seen a car before.  He had never heard the noise cars made when they went whizzing by.  The loud beep, beep, beeping reminded him of the ducks in His World. But in His World there were no cars. Meow! he cried, hoping that this was a bad dream.

Meow! said Pumpkin-Puss again.  He knew he wouldn’t be heard over the
busy traffic.  M-E-O-W screamed Pumpkin-Puss in his biggest kitty voice.  The sound of his own voice scared Pumpkin-Puss. His Dad taught him to never give up! Pumpkin-Puss could hear a thump, thump, thump.  It was the sound of his own heart beating faster and faster.  He was cold.  He was tired.  He was hungry.  But above all, Pumpkin-Puss was scared. Would he ever see his Mom and Dad again? 
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Friday, February 5, 2016


The fourth in the Rainbow Kitty Series, Flibberty-Jibberty was an itsy bitsy kitty who made one mistake and ended up in the scary Other World.  A spider captured him in a sticky, gooey spider web and was about to eat him! 

…Only Julia could help! She was the youngest of three sisters and about to have her first sleepover ever.  But her two older sisters were planning to ruin it!  She would run away to her secret underground hiding place and take Flibberty-Jibberty with her.  Will Flibberty-Jibberty use his magic to help Julia?

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Chapter One

Julia was the youngest of three sisters.  She was about to have her first sleepover ever.  Her two older sisters, Sophia and Olivia, were planning to ruin it for her!  Julia was not about to let that happen!

Flibberty-Jibberty was frightened.  He was an itsy bitsy kitty who made one mistake and ended up in the dark and lonely Other World.  Only Julia could help!  And he would work his magic to help Julia!

Flibberty-Jibberty came tumbling across the Rainbow Bridge, landing head first into a pile of chicken feed!  Before he even knew what had happened, the itsy bitsy kitty found himself being pecked by six hungry chickens looking for lunch.  And Flibberty-Jibberty was sitting smack dab in the middle of their food, with seeds covering his fur and ears. 

 Meow! shouted Flibberty-Jibberty in his best effort to free himself from the pile of seeds which buried him.  “Pluck-pluck! pluck! pluck! Get out of our food!” shouted the angry chickens, all six of them!  The noise was deafening.  They pecked at him from all sides.

Meow!  Stop!  Flibberty-Jibberty managed to crawl through the chicken coop door, and creep on kitty paws silently out into the backyard.  He came across an old, orange, alley cat with a bad attitude. 

“Meow! Can you help me please?  I am lost!” said Flibberty-Jibberty in his most polite voice, as his mother had taught him. 

“Meow! Pawsitively, No Way!”  said the orange alley cat in a low angry growl.  His right eye was missing, and he looked ferocious!  He was the neighborhood bully.  “This is my territory.  No other cats allowed.  Not even little scrawny ones like you!” And he strutted right up into Flibberty-Jibberty’s face and hissed.  His mouth opened and a foul, fishy odor knocked Flibberty-Jibberty   onto his back hind legs. 

“Meow! I’m sorry!  It’s just that I’m lost! And the chicken’s tried to peck me to death.  I’m afraid I don’t have any friends, and I don’t want to get eaten by the other animals.  Will you protect me?  Meow!  Please?”  Even in danger, Flibberty-Jibberty never forgot his manners. Everyone in His World said “Please,” and “Thank You,” unlike this Other World, the one his mom warned him about. 

“Pawsitively, No Way!” said the alley cat in his gruffest voice. “Go now!.  Before I eat you for supper, myself!”  And the orange tabby with one eye stood tall on his hind legs, casting a large shadow over the itsy bitsy kitty. 

And without looking back, Flibberty-Jibberty, slithered toward the open cellar door at the far end of the yard.  Flibberty-Jibberty had a special talent for sliding on his belly, and all the kitties in His World came from far and wide to take lessons from him.   He got his name, when, as a baby, he would slide away from the others and Flibberty- Jibber up and down hills. That was the word he used for sliding on his belly almost anywhere he wanted to go!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Mr. Biggles was considered the best thinker in His World!  But even he couldn’t figure out how to keep from being eaten by hungry tigers when he accidentally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, into the dark and scary Other World.
…Until he met Timothy. Timothy’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Molloy, had disappeared.  And a substitute teacher, old Mrs. Crabapple, had taken her place!  She was mean!  And Timothy was skipping school! Things would only get

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                                          Chapter 1
                                       Trapped in a Cage

Mr. Biggles remembers being on the rainbow bridge looking after his 13 brothers and sisters.  And that’s when it happened.  Two of his younger brothers were rolling on the bridge, playing, and having a great time.  All of a sudden, one brother, Lollicat, began rolling down the bridge. Down, down he rolled, missing the Other World by inches!  Mr. Biggles ran down the bridge and grabbed his brother just in a nick of time, just before his itsy bitsy foot touched the wrong side of the bridge.

Then something terrible happened.  Mr. Biggles lost his balance and tripped over his own paws, tumbling paw over paw, right into the Other World.  When he woke up, he was alone.  Gone were his mom and dad and his 13 sisters and brothers. Gone was His World, all because he hadn’t listened to his mom.  She always told him over and over, “Mr. Biggles, be very careful.  Never, ever cross over the rainbow bridge.  It is a dark and scary place there, and wild animals will try to eat you.” 

What could he do?  He really had no choice.   His brother was in grave danger.  He would have tumbled over the edge into the Other World.  And Lollicat was too young to see the dangers that lurked there. So here he was in the strange and dark world his mother had warned him about.  And she was right!

This world was all cement and giant cages with shiny steel bars.  There were animals of every type.  He knew them all, the zebras, the elephants, the giraffes, and the tigers, but something was different from His World. These animals looked sad and unhappy.  Some were even begging Mr. Biggles to set them free. 

 Mr. Biggles landed on the hard cement on his head, up against the tiger cage.  He couldn’t believe how big those
tigers were.  They looked a bit like him, but something told Mr. Biggles they would eat him if they could.  One of the orange and black tigers came right up to him and tried to grab him by extending his very large paws through the cage and swatting at him. 

 Mr. Biggles being the great thinker that he was known to be in His World, used his powers of thinking to dodge the very agile tiger cat.  This made the tigers pace back and forth in their cage. Both tigers let out a roar that made Mr. Biggles curl up into a ball and bang his long flat tail over and over on the hard ground. 

 Meow! I am so scared.  Meow!  I should have listened to my mom.  But then Mr. Biggles realized that it was his fault for not thinking on his paws.  That one misstep, tripping over his own paws after he had saved Lollicat, landed him here, on his head, in this strange dark Other World.

Meow! He cried softly.  He was tired.  He was hungry.  But above all, Mr. Biggles knew he might never see his family again. He would miss his mom and dad and his 13 brothers and sisters.   This was the saddest day of his young kitty life.
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Friday, September 18, 2015


Paddipaws was different from most of the other itsy bitsy kitties in His World.  He had seven toes on each paw!

But on the day he accidentally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and landed in the scary Other World, his life changed forever!

Until Maria found the frightened kitty in a dark and smelly trash can.  Maria knew how difficult life could be in a strange place. People made fun of her too!

Just what would become of this little kitty? Would he remember to use the magic in his tail?

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Chapter One

A Scary Other World
 Plunk! Paddipaws landed on the banks of a small lake with beautiful green willow trees which bent toward the water and swayed in the gentle breeze. He knew he shouldn’t have disobeyed his mom when he crossed over the bridge into the Other World, but maybe this world would be kind and gentle like His World. Then, without warning, a lovely brown duck quacked at him from behind. When Paddipaws tried to quack back to say hello, the brown duck opened his bill and bit him right on his little itsy bitsy black nose!

“Meow! That hurt,” said Paddipaws to the duck. By now other ducks were swimming across the lake to see what all the commotion was about. Eight little ducklings and the mommy and daddy duck circled around him. They all began to peck at him. Paddipaws covered his face with his large front paws to protect himself from the nasty ducks. They were squawking and laughing at the pretend duck with seven toes on each of his four paws. “You are the strangest kitty I have ever seen.

You have seven toes on each paw. I bet you have no friends. Why don’t you just go back home?” Then the largest duckling gave a loud quack and turned his back on Paddipaws, slipping back into the water. “But I have so many ducky friends in my world. We all play together and never fight.” Paddipaws was bleeding right on the itsy bitsy tip of his black nose. He tried to lick off the blood with his paw. His nose was aching, but his feelings were hurt more than anything else. No one in His World treated the other animals this way. One by one, each baby duckling blasted one last quack at Paddipaws and then swam Maybe this world wasn’t like His World after all. He had only been here for a moment, but he wanted more than anything else to go home. The pigeons walked right over him and nodded their heads front to back as they walked. They shook their bodies, too! Feathers flew everywhere! Some feathers even stuck to his bloodied itsy bitsy kitty nose. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t blow the feathers away. The feathers blocked his vision.

Paddipaws was scared, hungry, and missed his mom and dad. He sat on the bank of the lake and cried, for he knew that disobeying his mom and crossing over the rainbow bridge to the Other World was his biggest mistake of all. This was a strange and cruel world.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015


Shannon O’Bean’s mom warned him to “never, ever cross over the Rainbow Bridge into the Other World!” Yet here he was in that scary place, the Other World!  And worst of all, a feisty, old leprechaun hopped out of Shannon O’Bean’s backpack. The leprechaun began chasing the Tooth Fairy!  Things would only get worse!
Read all seven itsy, bitsy kitty books.  Join seven brave kitties from over the Rainbow Bridge in these scary adventures into the dark Other World.

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                                                                 Chapter One

                                                         The Dark  Other World

          Shannon O’ Bean was an itsy bitsy kitty and as frightened as he had ever
been in his whole life.  He landed in the Other World with such force that his backpack came off, and Fuzzy O’Toole, the leprechaun, tumbled out!  In the blink of an eye, the feisty old leprechaun disappeared into thin air!
But the kitty was so frightened he didn’t dare move for two days and two nights.
         The little kitty was frightened of the Other World his mother had warned him about.  She had told Shannon O’Bean to be ever so careful about staying on his side of the rainbow bridge.  His mom warned him to make certain he never, ever crossed over the rainbow bridge to the other side.  It was a dark world over there.  She told him that animals would surely eat him and life would never be the same. 

          But he didn’t listen to her.  He was too busy staring at the beautiful bouquet of shamrocks he had picked for his mom from his shamrock garden.  He wanted to make sure there were no four leaf clovers in his bouquet.  And then it happened.  Before he even realized where he was, it was too late! 

         Shannon O’ Bean tumbled head first into the Other World, and landed on his head in the bushes outside a large white house.  His backpack flew off!  Out  came a feisty leprechaun, Fuzzy O’Toole.  Fuzzy was always hitching rides wherever he went.  Shannon O’ Bean didn’t know he was in the backpack, and now Fuzzy was on the loose! 
         Shannon O’Bean  knew Fuzzy always spelled trouble, even in His World.  The little leprechaun was feisty and as deaf as a doornail.  Which is why earlier in the

day, Shannon O’ Bean had sewed small silver bells onto the ends of his curly green shoes. Fuzzy couldn’t hear them but, now, everyone else knew just where he was. 
Now itsy bitsy kitty was lonely, hungry, and afraid to move.  He feared the cruel animals would eat him up, just as his mom warned him would happen!  He didn’t even have old Fuzzy to keep him company.  Meow! wailed the little kitty.  I wish I had listened to my mom! Meow! cried Shannon O’ Bean, and he stood on all four white paws and wondered whether he would ever see his mom and dad and seven sisters and brothers ever again! 

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