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Read about all the itsy bitsy kitties who accidentally disobey their moms and tumble head first over the Rainbow Bridge into the most frightening adventure of their itsy bitsy kitty lives.

The Rainbow Bridge divides the lands between two very different worlds. The colorful and happy world where everything is magical is the best world of all! There is never a bad day. Everyone is friends with everyone else! When they accidentally cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the Other World, the animals try to eat them! There is no happiness. There is great danger there. The Other World is filled with scary creatures and awful night-time sounds.

But each kitty finds that one true friend that gives them hope. Then the magic happens!

Will the kitties ever find their way home to their families? Or will they remain captive in this evil Other World? Read all seven Rainbow Kitty Adventures to find out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Stinky Pete stunk like a skunk when he was afraid! …And now with all the strange noises in this cruel Other World, his polka-dots began to hop up and down all over his body!  And he was beginning to give off his stinky odor!  There was even a green snake dangling right beside him, hissing and trying to attack him.
…then he met Edward.  Edward and his Dad were on a camping trip when they discovered their lake was covered in green slime and yucky brown foam!  And there were no fish in the lake! Maybe Stinky Pete could help.  There was magic in his tail! 
Edward always believed in Magic.  This fishing trip with his dad was going to  be magical. 

Stinky Pete was a "fraidy kitty".  And now with all the strange noises coming from every part of the forest, well, that only made him more afraid.  He was only eight weeks old, and now the world seemed scary.

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Chapter One

Stuck up a Tree

Stinky Pet was an itsy bitsy kitty.  He was hungry and dirty, but most of all scared. 
He had entered into the Other World. This was the world his dad had warned him about.  “Never, ever cross over the rainbow bridge!  There are wild animals there who will eat you,” his dad would always scold him.   But Stinky Pete hadn’t listened. So here he was, in the Other World, and nothing would ever be the same.   

He crossed over into a different world.  The forest was dark and spooky with lions and tigers and alligators. And he became scared.  A brown tiger with black stripes had chased him up a tree.

When he was afraid, Stinky Pete gave off a strong odor, just like a skunk.  He remembered what his mom had told him about controlling his fears and his dots.  Stinky Pete was a polka-dotted kitty. His little itsy bitsy body was covered with colorful dots of every size and shape.   When he became really scared, his polka dots would start jumping up and down on his body.  And he was really scared now.  If his polka dots jumped high enough, they would go crazy and start re-arranging themselves in different places all over his body.  He never knew what his face would look like after the dots re-arranged themselves.  It was always a surprise when he looked in the mirror.

And then it happened.  Stinky Pete couldn’t control it once it started. It started, slowly, at first!  Then faster and faster, and stronger and stronger the odor became.  Until it was the strongest odor anyone could imagine, even Stinky Pete.  He was horrified. He could not control his dots. The dots jumped higher and higher .   They looked like jumping beans.  Those colored dots bounced from place to place all over Stinky Pete’s body.  Stinky Pete was frightened. The tiger took one whiff of Stinky Pete and ran away as fast as he could run. 

Stinky Pete clung from the branch of the tree with his white and green paws, digging his claws into the tree for dear life.  He stayed up in the tree all night meowing and meowing.  He stopped now and then to call out for his mom and dad.  But Stinky Pete knew that he was alone. He remembered what his mom had told Stinky Pete. “Breathe in and out. Take slow, deep breathes when you are feeling scared. Then you will relax you, and your dots will calm down. And the odor will go away.”

So Stinky Pete breathed in and out…in and out… in and out… trying his itsy bitsy best to stay calm and brave as he clung to the tree branch. 

 He was little, and he had never heard such animal noises in his whole life. His
stomach started to rumble which added to the night sounds.  He was cold and getting tired of hanging on to the tree branch.  He was scared he might fall.  And it was a long way down.  Why hadn’t he listened to his mom?
 M-E-O-W, screamed Stinky Pete in his loudest voice. But nothing came out.  Stinky Pete was afraid that he would never see His World again. And it was all his fault!  He should have listened to mom. “What will happen to me?” he wondered as he clung to the tree for dear life.




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