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Read about all the itsy bitsy kitties who accidentally disobey their moms and tumble head first over the Rainbow Bridge into the most frightening adventure of their itsy bitsy kitty lives.

The Rainbow Bridge divides the lands between two very different worlds. The colorful and happy world where everything is magical is the best world of all! There is never a bad day. Everyone is friends with everyone else! When they accidentally cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the Other World, the animals try to eat them! There is no happiness. There is great danger there. The Other World is filled with scary creatures and awful night-time sounds.

But each kitty finds that one true friend that gives them hope. Then the magic happens!

Will the kitties ever find their way home to their families? Or will they remain captive in this evil Other World? Read all seven Rainbow Kitty Adventures to find out!

Friday, February 5, 2016


The fourth in the Rainbow Kitty Series, Flibberty-Jibberty was an itsy bitsy kitty who made one mistake and ended up in the scary Other World.  A spider captured him in a sticky, gooey spider web and was about to eat him! 

…Only Julia could help! She was the youngest of three sisters and about to have her first sleepover ever.  But her two older sisters were planning to ruin it!  She would run away to her secret underground hiding place and take Flibberty-Jibberty with her.  Will Flibberty-Jibberty use his magic to help Julia?

Read the first chapter and see  for yourself. Then SEE BELOW  and purchase your own copy.

Chapter One

Julia was the youngest of three sisters.  She was about to have her first sleepover ever.  Her two older sisters, Sophia and Olivia, were planning to ruin it for her!  Julia was not about to let that happen!

Flibberty-Jibberty was frightened.  He was an itsy bitsy kitty who made one mistake and ended up in the dark and lonely Other World.  Only Julia could help!  And he would work his magic to help Julia!

Flibberty-Jibberty came tumbling across the Rainbow Bridge, landing head first into a pile of chicken feed!  Before he even knew what had happened, the itsy bitsy kitty found himself being pecked by six hungry chickens looking for lunch.  And Flibberty-Jibberty was sitting smack dab in the middle of their food, with seeds covering his fur and ears. 

 Meow! shouted Flibberty-Jibberty in his best effort to free himself from the pile of seeds which buried him.  “Pluck-pluck! pluck! pluck! Get out of our food!” shouted the angry chickens, all six of them!  The noise was deafening.  They pecked at him from all sides.

Meow!  Stop!  Flibberty-Jibberty managed to crawl through the chicken coop door, and creep on kitty paws silently out into the backyard.  He came across an old, orange, alley cat with a bad attitude. 

“Meow! Can you help me please?  I am lost!” said Flibberty-Jibberty in his most polite voice, as his mother had taught him. 

“Meow! Pawsitively, No Way!”  said the orange alley cat in a low angry growl.  His right eye was missing, and he looked ferocious!  He was the neighborhood bully.  “This is my territory.  No other cats allowed.  Not even little scrawny ones like you!” And he strutted right up into Flibberty-Jibberty’s face and hissed.  His mouth opened and a foul, fishy odor knocked Flibberty-Jibberty   onto his back hind legs. 

“Meow! I’m sorry!  It’s just that I’m lost! And the chicken’s tried to peck me to death.  I’m afraid I don’t have any friends, and I don’t want to get eaten by the other animals.  Will you protect me?  Meow!  Please?”  Even in danger, Flibberty-Jibberty never forgot his manners. Everyone in His World said “Please,” and “Thank You,” unlike this Other World, the one his mom warned him about. 

“Pawsitively, No Way!” said the alley cat in his gruffest voice. “Go now!.  Before I eat you for supper, myself!”  And the orange tabby with one eye stood tall on his hind legs, casting a large shadow over the itsy bitsy kitty. 

And without looking back, Flibberty-Jibberty, slithered toward the open cellar door at the far end of the yard.  Flibberty-Jibberty had a special talent for sliding on his belly, and all the kitties in His World came from far and wide to take lessons from him.   He got his name, when, as a baby, he would slide away from the others and Flibberty- Jibber up and down hills. That was the word he used for sliding on his belly almost anywhere he wanted to go!

                                                CHAPTER 2



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