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Read about all the itsy bitsy kitties who accidentally disobey their moms and tumble head first over the Rainbow Bridge into the most frightening adventure of their itsy bitsy kitty lives.

The Rainbow Bridge divides the lands between two very different worlds. The colorful and happy world where everything is magical is the best world of all! There is never a bad day. Everyone is friends with everyone else! When they accidentally cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the Other World, the animals try to eat them! There is no happiness. There is great danger there. The Other World is filled with scary creatures and awful night-time sounds.

But each kitty finds that one true friend that gives them hope. Then the magic happens!

Will the kitties ever find their way home to their families? Or will they remain captive in this evil Other World? Read all seven Rainbow Kitty Adventures to find out!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Paddipaws was different from most of the other itsy bitsy kitties in His World.  He had seven toes on each paw!

But on the day he accidentally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and landed in the scary Other World, his life changed forever!

Until Maria found the frightened kitty in a dark and smelly trash can.  Maria knew how difficult life could be in a strange place. People made fun of her too!

Just what would become of this little kitty? Would he remember to use the magic in his tail?

Read the first chapter and see  for yourself. Then go to the button below  and purchase your own copy.
Chapter One

A Scary Other World
 Plunk! Paddipaws landed on the banks of a small lake with beautiful green willow trees which bent toward the water and swayed in the gentle breeze. He knew he shouldn’t have disobeyed his mom when he crossed over the bridge into the Other World, but maybe this world would be kind and gentle like His World. Then, without warning, a lovely brown duck quacked at him from behind. When Paddipaws tried to quack back to say hello, the brown duck opened his bill and bit him right on his little itsy bitsy black nose!

“Meow! That hurt,” said Paddipaws to the duck. By now other ducks were swimming across the lake to see what all the commotion was about. Eight little ducklings and the mommy and daddy duck circled around him. They all began to peck at him. Paddipaws covered his face with his large front paws to protect himself from the nasty ducks. They were squawking and laughing at the pretend duck with seven toes on each of his four paws. “You are the strangest kitty I have ever seen.

You have seven toes on each paw. I bet you have no friends. Why don’t you just go back home?” Then the largest duckling gave a loud quack and turned his back on Paddipaws, slipping back into the water. “But I have so many ducky friends in my world. We all play together and never fight.” Paddipaws was bleeding right on the itsy bitsy tip of his black nose. He tried to lick off the blood with his paw. His nose was aching, but his feelings were hurt more than anything else. No one in His World treated the other animals this way. One by one, each baby duckling blasted one last quack at Paddipaws and then swam Maybe this world wasn’t like His World after all. He had only been here for a moment, but he wanted more than anything else to go home. The pigeons walked right over him and nodded their heads front to back as they walked. They shook their bodies, too! Feathers flew everywhere! Some feathers even stuck to his bloodied itsy bitsy kitty nose. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t blow the feathers away. The feathers blocked his vision.

Paddipaws was scared, hungry, and missed his mom and dad. He sat on the bank of the lake and cried, for he knew that disobeying his mom and crossing over the rainbow bridge to the Other World was his biggest mistake of all. This was a strange and cruel world.

                               PADDIPAWS CHAPTER 2



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