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Read about all the itsy bitsy kitties who accidentally disobey their moms and tumble head first over the Rainbow Bridge into the most frightening adventure of their itsy bitsy kitty lives.

The Rainbow Bridge divides the lands between two very different worlds. The colorful and happy world where everything is magical is the best world of all! There is never a bad day. Everyone is friends with everyone else! When they accidentally cross over the Rainbow Bridge to the Other World, the animals try to eat them! There is no happiness. There is great danger there. The Other World is filled with scary creatures and awful night-time sounds.

But each kitty finds that one true friend that gives them hope. Then the magic happens!

Will the kitties ever find their way home to their families? Or will they remain captive in this evil Other World? Read all seven Rainbow Kitty Adventures to find out!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Shannon O’Bean’s mom warned him to “never, ever cross over the Rainbow Bridge into the Other World!” Yet here he was in that scary place, the Other World!  And worst of all, a feisty, old leprechaun hopped out of Shannon O’Bean’s backpack. The leprechaun began chasing the Tooth Fairy!  Things would only get worse!
Read all seven itsy, bitsy kitty books.  Join seven brave kitties from over the Rainbow Bridge in these scary adventures into the dark Other World.

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                                                                 Chapter One

                                                         The Dark  Other World

          Shannon O’ Bean was an itsy bitsy kitty and as frightened as he had ever
been in his whole life.  He landed in the Other World with such force that his backpack came off, and Fuzzy O’Toole, the leprechaun, tumbled out!  In the blink of an eye, the feisty old leprechaun disappeared into thin air!
But the kitty was so frightened he didn’t dare move for two days and two nights.
         The little kitty was frightened of the Other World his mother had warned him about.  She had told Shannon O’Bean to be ever so careful about staying on his side of the rainbow bridge.  His mom warned him to make certain he never, ever crossed over the rainbow bridge to the other side.  It was a dark world over there.  She told him that animals would surely eat him and life would never be the same. 

          But he didn’t listen to her.  He was too busy staring at the beautiful bouquet of shamrocks he had picked for his mom from his shamrock garden.  He wanted to make sure there were no four leaf clovers in his bouquet.  And then it happened.  Before he even realized where he was, it was too late! 

         Shannon O’ Bean tumbled head first into the Other World, and landed on his head in the bushes outside a large white house.  His backpack flew off!  Out  came a feisty leprechaun, Fuzzy O’Toole.  Fuzzy was always hitching rides wherever he went.  Shannon O’ Bean didn’t know he was in the backpack, and now Fuzzy was on the loose! 
         Shannon O’Bean  knew Fuzzy always spelled trouble, even in His World.  The little leprechaun was feisty and as deaf as a doornail.  Which is why earlier in the

day, Shannon O’ Bean had sewed small silver bells onto the ends of his curly green shoes. Fuzzy couldn’t hear them but, now, everyone else knew just where he was. 
Now itsy bitsy kitty was lonely, hungry, and afraid to move.  He feared the cruel animals would eat him up, just as his mom warned him would happen!  He didn’t even have old Fuzzy to keep him company.  Meow! wailed the little kitty.  I wish I had listened to my mom! Meow! cried Shannon O’ Bean, and he stood on all four white paws and wondered whether he would ever see his mom and dad and seven sisters and brothers ever again! 

You have read the first chapter and have seen  for yourself. Now go to the button below  and purchase your own copy.

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